Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beware of Scientific Dogma

A quick note about scientific dogma. When it becomes the all-powerful, unquestionable authority in our lives, it becomes an inhibiting force toward progress and discovery. Never stop questioning! Do not let some assumptions determine your outcome! By entering into a "closed box," you will undoubtedly discover nothing.

We have discovered that some experiments in quantum mechanics are linked to the observer making an observation. Results vary based on whether or not the observer makes an observation. Therefore, we must frame experiments carefully. Furthermore, when you are talking about novel, scientific discovery, you will rarely find a cut and dry result. The experiments usually need to be fine-tuned based on previous results, to get a clearer picture of the results. Such results must always be interpreted based on the data collected, and not on our assumptions of what we think the outcome should be.

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